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 Guild Rules 

1) We are a mature Guild. As such we restrict membership to players 18yrs of age or older. We recognize that maturity is more than just a number and as such we reserve the right to accept people under the age of 18 who exhibit maturity, and reject players above the age of 18 who lack it.

2) We enjoy a casual-core play style what does that mean?
  • We run raids, quests, epics on a regular basis. Quite often we even have our typical social "down times" where we just hang out and talk "shop" where we share idea's, build plans etc.

  • We have scheduled raids so that guild members with limited play time can enjoy these events as well as have random raids formed throughout the week.

  • We do not dictate what type of character you play or how to build it, provided YOU enjoy playing it. Our longer term guild members have a lot of information to share; feel free to ask, they'll be more than willing to help you out.

  • We also do not care how long it takes you to level. Are you having fun? If the answer is yes, that's all that matters.

  • Teamwork; when we raid we follow the leaders instructions. Expect to have a brief conversation with the group before the raid starts to ensure that you know your role and everyone is clear on theirs.

3) We abide by Turbine's Code of Conduct. We expect and require all our guild members conduct themselves in such a way as to comply with these rules. Furthermore as a Guild we have rules of conduct of our own which Officers will closely monitor.
  • Cursing and Language: We are a friendly tolerant guild. Everyone will slip up as far as cursing goes. However language that is disrespectful and intolerant will not be excused, and its continued use is grounds for getting kicked out of the guild. Language that is disrespectful of or to gender, race, sexuality, citizenship, and religious choice is not appropriate to the tone of this guild. While an occasional outburst of the f-bomb is to be expected, no outburst of hate speak will be tolerated.

  • Cheating, exploiting or otherwise attempting to circumvent DDO game design will not be tolerated.

  • Grief Play; if your only fun in this game is to cause distress to other players, we don't want you and will ask you to resign.

  • Stalking/Sexual Harassment/Misconduct of a Sexual Nature will not be tolerated. Go play somewhere else.

  • Just say NO to farmed gold and loot. We don't support the trade and it violates Turbine policy.

4) We are mostly based on the East Coast. For simplicity all events scheduled will be posted in EDT/EST.

5) Conflict Resolution; Officers will be identified to help with Guild conflicts. We should feel like a family, but all families will bicker from time to time; lets deal with these squabbles quickly and fairly.

6) Obligations to the Guild
  • Be active; if you are going to be totally away from the game for more than 30 days, just let us know. Any character who is inactive for 30 days or more without letting us know will be put at risk of being removed.

    EXAMPLE: Logging in for 15 minutes every 2-3 weeks, saying nothing, doing nothing, then logging out does not count as being "active".

  • Be selfless; if you find some loot that you think a guild member could use, post it in chat or on our forum and see if it's needed.

  • Be friendly; When grouping with someone new or outside the Guild, treat them like you would like to be treated.

  • Be a Mentor. We really like this idea and will be scheduling Mentor times, plus it's a good way to find new members for our guild !

7) Recruitment; we recruit based on word of mouth. We require time spent with the person before accepting them.

The inability to abide to our guidelines will result in immediate expulsion from the forum site and The Madborn Guild.

All new Guild Members will be on a 30 day trial. We want to get to know you and see how well you mesh with the group. If by chance you decide we are not right for you we will not hold any ill will against you. The same holds true if we decide that you are not for us. This rule is for your own protection as well as ours.

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