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Build a Tank Contest

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Webmiester Miester Burger
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PostPosted: Tue May 28, 2013 8:57 am    Post subject: Build a Tank Contest Reply with quote

Hey everyone,

We've opened a new contest this week to try and encourage as many people we can to start getting into the "tanking" role for raids.

This role, although important when needed, isn't typically something most people tend to create. So in an attempt to entice everyone into trying to make one themselves (and we're more than willing to help you learn the tricks of playing it !), we're going to offer up the following prizes to our guild members and those from Darkstars also !

What are the prizes ?

First prize: Otto's Box !! Yes, you heard it. Trooper has offered one of these up for grabs !

Second & Thrird prizes:

The second runner up gets to choose from two options:
- full set of +3 tomes
- 20 flawless scales (white/blue/black) and 10 of each relic.

The third running up gets the one not chosen from above.

Fourth and beyond: Everyone that completes the trials will get something for their effort. Some of the items of for grabs are:
- Full set of ToD boot ingredients
- Various +single 3 tomes

How do I win ?
(this may change, but for now is what I'm suggesting)

The winners will be determined by the first person to reach "tank" stage for their build and then pass all the "tank trials". These trials test your ability to be able to successfully tank the following raids:

Vision, Elite
ToD, Elite
Chrono, EH
Fall of Truth, EH

I'd love to add in LOB EH, but we don't run that enough to place it onto the list. However, it is an amazing test of character & player to tank this raid boss so if you want to try it, let me know !

Once you believe your character is ready to try one of the raids, let us know and we'll schedule one for you (or several if you'd like).

It is also strongly recommended that you run the lower setting versions of the raids also in order to get the "feel" for how your character will work when running on the higher settings.

Success is determined using the following criteria:

- Holding aggro against caster/blitz/fury builds (we'll bring our best, be ready!)
- Placement and mob control
- Healer feedback. How much of a beating did you take during the raid.
- Overall feel of the completion (if you died 8 times, maybe not lol)

When can I start my trials ?

To make things a bit more fair, we won't be starting any official trials until July 1st. This should give people enough time to come up with a build and start working on it.

If you happen to be ready before then, you can request to run the lower settings (as previously mentioned) as practice runs.

Okay, so how do we get started ?

Trooper, myself and Jas have a few tank builds we've created/updated and expanded on over the years. Some are newer builds, some have been radically changed over the years as the game itself changed.

We've been posting some of our tank builds on this site for you to read over and get some idea's yourself for where to start:

Temptress (Fighter/Monk/TWF)

Bilger (Fighter/Paladin/Monk/TWF)

Xearos (Paladin/Monk/TWF)
Coming soon

Fearos (Fighter/Rog/S&B)

Katharis (Pure Monk variation)

I believe most of the benchmarks still apply for the older raids, though the AC numbers are likely off now since DDO has resigned the entire AC system:

Once you come up with a design you think will work, we will help you work your character to obtain gear and experience as these builds are a bit tougher to work on due to their designs sometimes.

You can retrofit someone if you'd like, but you must keep them as a tank or you'll make us sad Sad

Remember, you don't have to reach for the sky right from the start. Come up with a plan of interim gear (something you can use sooner, then upgrade later). You don't have to have all your gear in place in order to start some of the trials, but we do suggest you try and have as much as possible for the higher level raids.

As always, we're available for any questions for gear/builds etc.

Let's try and have fun with this everyone and good luck !

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PostPosted: Wed May 29, 2013 2:46 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Wow can I enter ? Laughing

Ok on a serious note , when looking at he different builds we have put up plz remember.

its not build a copy contest , if you have an idea of your own that you would like to work on we are happy to help with it .. advice, gear, exp, or just somebody to bounce ideas off ..

the builds we have posted are in no way "THE UBEREST" but they work and suit our individual play styles . if you do choose to build the same or similar try and remember the most important thing about any toon YOU have to enjoy playing it, levelling it, and tanking with it .

so think about the way you like to play. is 1 of our builds like a toon you have and enjoy ?? then may that build will suit you ..

and a last note while all the builds look very different , the numbers all balance out to the point that in raids the only difference is the people that play them .. balance and play style ..

and as always if you have any questions plz feel free to contact us in game any time ..

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Halfling Lover
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PostPosted: Tue Jul 30, 2013 2:05 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

On a recent note the much loved furry friend known as The Bear. has claimed top prize in build a bear build a tank contest. It is reported his secret to success was BBQ sauce to help with hate generation (actually monsters are a hungry lot and love roasted bear).

" Grrr ggrr Special thanks to the Madborn crew for the endless hours of help, it simple could not have been done without you.
on a personal note Thanks to Troop for help and prizes; love my excite don't know what to do with it Very Happy
Ros 'captain my captain', Kate (who created the design), Jas & Ael (of Pals) for gear, and Mistreal who ran every quest the bear has been in and put up with my endless growling about it."

Very exited about the other contestant that are finishing their tanking tests and remember everyone that gets one to the finish line gets something.

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u don't need to outrun the monster just your friend
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Joined: 26 Feb 2007
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Location: Melbourne Australia

PostPosted: Thu Aug 01, 2013 12:31 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I would like to make a note a special mention if you will to Ravi who has completed his tank training and now has his Madborn masters in tankolagy ( and turned down second prize a bilbys box)

So keep them tanks a training

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